Our Story

Music is a universal language that connects people all over the planet through the airwaves and beyond. It's an expressive art that helps us through life's most trying times and makes the good times worth remembering. Good Weather Records was founded on the idea that good music creates good vibes, and good vibes create good people.   

Good Weather Records is based in Richmond, Virginia. However, the label's roots can be traced back to a friendship that began in Delaware about 10 years ago. Co-founders Gabriel and Hayden frequently saw their respective bands on stage and playing shows together throughout the early 2010s. They instantly bonded over shared musical interests and worldviews. Years later, having played numerous shows together including east and west coast tours, a new shared vision for their musical adventures was found. That vision includes creating, finding, and sharing good music made by great people. 

This label is dedicated to supporting artists that believe in themselves, the art they create, and the captivating power of music.