Our Artists


Chvnce is a solo project from Hayden Chance. This project blends elements of electronic pop and psychedelic rock, giving it a unique and captivating sound. Hayden writes and records everything on his own and thrives on experimentation to harness his creativity.


The Sugar Hollows is a some kind of rock band from Richmond, VA. They recently released their debut self-titled album in spring of 2023, which included 10 well-crafted original songs that earned the group some really positive regional and national press while on tour. The band looks to take the next step in their musical journey as they work on a new album and plan another tour in 2024. 


The Sun Daze is a moniker for a Virginia-based band founded by Gabriel Spadaccini. The project draws inspiration from folk and classic rock music while incorporating modern psychedelic and pop elements. Other non-musical influences include nature, literature, and philosophy.